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Welcome Pope Francis and God Bless You!

pope francis

What a month!  First we had a pope, then we didn’t.  Sede vacante triggered the development of a full blown Papal Lapbook and unit study from Jessica at Shower of Roses which set hundreds of homeschooling families not only praying for the pope and adopting cardinals, but led us to teach our youngsters about the papacy and whole process of electing a pope.  Now toss in the Saints of March to be studied and the Annunciation of Our Lord and well, it has been a non-stop faith formation frenzy!

Here is our Papal Presentation Board using all the wonderful pages from the Papal Lapbook project.  Saint Fair for March 045

Costumes were a big hit.  Katie decided to dress up as the Pope (knowing full well a girl could never be pope).  She made a pillowcase cassock and construction paper rosary, mitre, and red shoes!  After studying the papal coat of arms, the boys wore their zucchettos while working on their own coat of arms.

Saint Fair for March 005  Saint Fair for March 017

The Saints of March Fair was held on the 15…..right after Pope Francis was elected!  We had such a fabulous time sharing with and learning from one another.  Here are some photos of the day.  Note the great puppets the children made from Catholic Icing.

Saint Fair for March 022Saint Fair for March 026Saint Fair for March 027Saint Fair for March 037

Saint Fair for March 039

As we begin a new papacy let us not forget the years of service of Pope Emeritus Bendict XVI


pope ben


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