~ Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers

Visit to the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter

At our gathering in February, we discussed Almsgiving. Your chance to put that lesson into action is this Friday, during our MARCH gathering! We have arranged for a tour at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter with Sheila Bacon when we drop off our donations.

Bring any “blessing bags” Imageyou have compiled, and any items you’ve collected in your “box of love” we decorated at the beginning of Lent. ..

We all realize that charitable organizations such as soup kitchens and shelters depend upon donations. We think of food and clothing, or perhaps toys or bedding, for the individuals who are the recipients of charity. It’s easy to overlook the needs of the organization itself–items such as plastic wrap, aluminum foil, cleaning items, etc.

Asked if there are any recent, particular, needs, Sheila said “yes, there is a need for plastic garbage bags, both large (30gal) and the smaller kitchen liner (13gal) size. This is one example of donating to the running of the shelter itself, not only to the individual guests of the shelter. Another need is ‘travel’ size packages of baby wipes. These are given to parents of young children when the family leaves the shelter for the day.

We talked about scouting around our homes for items to donate. But if possible, remember the needs of the shelter the next time you are at WalMart of the grocery store.

Bring your donations to our meeting at the St. John Faith Formation office on Friday April 19 at  9:00. We will depart about 10:00 to the Shelter.



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