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Blessed Mother’s Day

gardening 048Blessed Mother’s Day!

This morning was lovely, as lovely as a day in May should be! For all its sunny loveliness, however, we began our meeting indoors, waiting for a bit more warmth. The children spent some time coloring beautiful pictures of our Blessed Mother that they could add to their prayer corner at home.gardening 028. As they did so, we chatted with the children about the Blessed Mother’s aid in our Path to Heaven. We discussed that it is a traditional Catholic custom to sanctify each month of the year with special devotional practices.   May is dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary; since Mother’s Day also falls in the month of May in our country, Catholics take this time to recall and try to emulate Mary’s role as mother. Devotion to Mary in the month of May focuses both on Mary as a role model for Christian mothers, and Mary’s everlasting chastity and purity, and her fidelity to God’s will. gardening 030

The property of St. John the Baptist Church boasts a beautiful rock grotto with a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes set up above. In recent years, caretaking of this prayerful spot had decreased, and the grotto had become overgrown. To honor the Blessed Virgin, we had purchased some bedding plants to beautify this space. Upon consulting with the grounds manager, however, we were told that ‘someone was already taking care of that area’. Undeterred, we chose a nearby gardening 037statue of St. Joseph and added our petunias and marigolds there. We also took the liberty of pulling some weeds and raking the winter’s debris from the grotto area.

Snack time for the kids arrived, and we returned indoors for cleanup and cookies (thank you, Alanna and mom!) Afterward, we had a bit more to finish up at the grotto, so we trooped back, but –here was a woman already busily working at the grotto. Would she be annoyed? Did we trample anything? Were any of those weeds not weeds at all?  ….Thankfully, the answer to all those questions was ‘no’!  We happily introduced ourselves to the “someone who was already taking care of the area”, Christian Jandreau. She and her husband volunteered their gardening know-how last year, and had just begun work at improving the grotto for this Spring.

gardening 047 gardening 046 gardening 045 gardening 040 gardening 036 gardening 033

One of the important things we learned today was to remember that Catholics are called to ACTion. In recent years, probably many folks have walked past the grotto, and grumbled about its being run-down, or merely wished they could do something about it. The children felt truly helpful in giving Christian a hand in her handiwork, which was bolstered by a few appreciative comments from teachers at St. John School, out on recess duty..gardening 058

We hope to be a big help to Christian in the future!

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