~ Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers

Young MARCHers Cross the Threshold

Well, there’s nothing like “Pomp & Circumstance” to make Mom shed a tear!???????????????????????????????.We four moms watched as our 13 students processed in to the balloon-festooned sunroom. Some of us had a lump in our throats, and some of us were, undoubtedly, simultaneously cheering that we survived another year of homeschooling.

Following a traditional prayer for graduates (http://www.scborromeo.org/prayers/grad.pdf) and a Litany of the Saints, the eldest of each family addressed the audience from the podium. Alanna, Julia, Jasmine and Michael acted as ‘valedictorian’ of sorts for their ‘class’, speaking about their homeschool year with their own family. These students, I must note, rose to the occasion, and delivered their pieces in their best public-speaking voices! Well done!??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Time for diplomas! Next, each mom, one by one, took the podium, calling each of her students to the front of the room, where we had arranged a pillared ‘doorway’, symbolizing the threshold to the next grade. Before presenting the scrolled diploma, Mom took this opportunity to express, in 500 words or less,  her happiness and pride in her child’s accomplishments of the school year. It was not necessary to limit accomplishments to academic ones.

We heard about the McCann kids’ adventure in free enterprise (Build-A-Biz program) and helpfulness, the Habib children were extolled for their willingness to share with each other, the Durant kids were appreciated for exploring the art of friendship and their musical accomplishments, and the Bourque offspring received praise for their perseverance and enthusiasm.??????????????????????????????? Several moms noted the strides their girls and boys made toward maturing into young ladies and young men. All moms took special note of their family’s journey in the Faith.

???????????????????????????????(Public-school alumni—don’t you wish you could have heard your personal successes recognized before receiving your diploma? Not just after Grade 12, but every year? ) Afterward, Melissa McCann gave us our “Marching Orders”–a challenge for living out our faith–to look for opportunities to help others in our everyday lives.


???????????????????????????????We had two honored guests at our ceremony: Father Jack Dickinson and seminarian Anthony Cipolle. Anthony enlightened us a bit about his discernment phase of seminary. Father Jack gave a special blessing to those gathered.

Diplomas being disbursed, we adjourned to the adjoining gaily-decorated room, where we enjoyed fruit, cheese and crackers, and     yummy peanut butter squares.???????????????????????????????

During the post-grad chit-chat, we moms agreed on the value of an end-of-year ceremony for our homeschooled children. Many homeschool groups do host some kind of celebration, and of course many brick-and-mortar schools hold cap-and-gown shindigs, even for kindergartners.  It can be difficult for youngsters to re-cap an entire year and hang an emotion on it.  So we feel blessed to be able to publicly laud our little ones for their year’s achievements, summarizing their accomplishments. Additionally, as a group of families who truly cares about each other, it was uplifting to look upon the love between mom and child in such an occasion!

(One small regret is that we neglected to video-record the occasion. Though we captured some moments in snapshots, it would have been precious to capture the solemn procession, the bashfulness of the younguns, the squirming self-consciousness of the tweens, and the teens’ patient forbearance of their moms mushy comments, as well as the tender mommy-moments.)  Lisas name


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