~ Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

September brings crisp air, apples and the start of another school year.  God Bless it, we pray!!

Last year we celebrated the liturgical year with a variety of activities focusing on participating in First Friday devotions, the dedications of the month, liturgical feasts, and the Corporal Works of Mercy.  school houseThis year we want to take the Corporal Works of Mercy a bit farther.   We (and “we” means both the adults and children of MARCH)   seek to strengthen our desire to ‘be Christ to others’, and to serve others as we would serve Our Lord.  By modeling this as parents, we hope to show our children various ways to  live out their faith within the community.

Pope Francis has encouraged service to the marginalized and poor, a service that acknowledges the divine in all individuals.  As a way of following the lead of the Holy Father, we will be studying Saints of Service (S.O.S.) each month and  engaging in  selfless acts that will embrace the humanity and divine in all of us.

mother teresaSeptember’s Saint of Service has not been declared a saint officially, but is well on her  way:  Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  Mrs. McCann shared with the children  the life and mission of this holy woman.

Besides a lifetime of ‘being Christ to others’, Mother Teresa has given the world a plethora of inspirational quotations. As a tangible reminder of this month’s saint, we crafted “quote boards”.  Many of the children have hung their quote board on a bedpost or a prominent place where they can read it often.

Our September meeting was held at the Winslow Public Library and until construction is finished at the Corpus Christi Faith Formation Office, we will be meeting at the Winslow Public Library at 9am on the First Friday of each month.

september 2013 002For our September service project, we plan to give our time and companionshipI to the residents of Mount St. Joseph, a residence and rehabilitation center in Waterville, Maine.

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