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MARCHing into Mount St. Joseph’s


“We found out his favorite candy is Snickers, and he loves American Chop Suey. He won the Cribbage Championship at Mt St. Joseph. He taught us how to play dominoes. We can’t wait to visit [him]* again! We’re going to bring him some Snickers bars!”**

mount st joe 016These enthusiastic words from two of our youngsters, ages 9 and 5, reveal the delight that flowed through the game room at Mount Saint Joseph Residence and Rehabilitation during a September 20 visit. About half of our MARCH members met there for a morning of companionship with the residents.

Deacon Steve Kramer was such a gracious and thoughtful host! He arranged for us to arrive for morning Mass, and then we were given a tour of the facility. Afterward we met with two charming retired nuns, a charismatic pair who told us some of their life stories, and got to know us a little bit. The game room was our next stop, where several of the residents were waiting for their game partners (or opponents) for Uno, Scrabble and dominoes.

The “preface” to our Mount St. Joseph visit, during our September 6 gathering, was a lesson about the life of Blessed Mother Teresa. The beautiful example of love given by this holy woman, and especially her care for the lonely, helped the children to set aside their natural shyness and reach out to ‘strangers’ afflicted with varying abilities in speech and mobility. It was heartwarming! Deacon Steve reports that the residents greatly enjoyed their time with us.

Both the residents and MARCH members look forward to the next visit to Mount St. Joseph, scheduled for October 18. Should we bring our new friend some Fun-Size Snickers?mount st joe 006

(permission to use photo granted by resident’s family)

* Of course, we learned the names of all our new friends, but privacy laws prevent us from using them here.

**But not without ascertaining beforehand if Snickers are in his diet plan. 

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  1. Katie Elizabeth

    that was fun

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