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St. Francis’ Little Helpers

 st francisI read recently that the fruit of faith is love, and the fruit of love is service.   There are so many saints that illustrate this pattern, but St. Francis of Assisi was a shoo-in for our First Friday MARCH gathering. His feast day is  October 4th.

As mentioned in previous posts, we are studying ‘Saints of Service’ this year.   As parents, we strive to imitate this love and service,  and pass the desire to our children by giving them opportunities to serve within the community.  This Friday after Mass, Mrs. Bourque enlightened us about the life of St. Francis and how he gave up everything to rebuild the Church.  We had a lively discussion about how St. Francis could talk to the animals and how he was blessed to receive the stigmata.  The children were riveted by his life story.  We added coloring pages of St. Francis to our book of saints and worked on this month’s service project.

october 2014 016 october 2014 017

october 2014 015 october 2014 014

october 2014 018 october 2014 019

This month we wanted to recognize two of our parish priests who care for their animal friends, Hattie and Bella.  Each family took the children shopping to choose some nice treats for the priests and their beloved dogs.  We put all the treats together and made attractive  baskets which we presented to them later that week.  We have seen some cute pictures on Facebook of Bella using her carrier, and were just informed that Hattie is having her hair done this week.  How sweet.  It sure does feel better to give than to receive.michelle heart signature 2

october 2014 021


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