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A Child’s Favorite Bishop

Early this December, our young MARCHers learned about one of the many uplifting aspects of Christmas–Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra.

Saint NicholasMrs. Habib led the discussion of Saint Nicholas’  life and his generosity, and how the world still honors his life of charity each year on December 6, St. Nicholas Day.  We explored  Saint Nick customs, and variations thereof,  of the saint secretly leaving goodies and small toys, usually tucked inside some kind of footwear,  to good little children.

In our MARCH group, some families celebrate by leaving out a pair of shoes for St. Nick to fill with small toys, hair accessories, chocolate, pomegranates and perhaps even a personal note to the child.St. Nicholas Day Shoes

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Another family wakes up to find their St. Nicholas stockings on their beds filled with oranges, walnuts, chocolate coins, candy canes, a small toy and lovely picture of the beloved saint.

In some countries, this St. Nicholas, the generous bishop, (not the more familiar rotund twinkly-eyed fellow)  is the primary figure of Christmastime gift-giving.  Here is a nifty list of St. Nicholas customs categorized by country.  http://www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/around-the-world/

The children spent the morning working together wrapping blankets for all their game partners at Mount St. Joseph and viewing a video on the story of Nicholas:  The Boy Who Became Santa.

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