~ Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers

Preparing the Way…

…In Our Surroundings

We think that waiting can be difficult for children, but  most of us remember that feeling of joy-filled, delicious anticipation of Christmas. In our latest MARCH gathering, the children reviewed their knowledge of the season of Advent, and the special preparations as we await the birth of our Lord and Savior, the Christ child.Epiphany 2013 002  Besides a lively discussion of St. Nicholas (see previous post), we talked about Advent traditions such as the crêche (manger scene) and the lighting of the Advent wreath.



…Through Prayer

This year we joined with other homeschooling families across the state of Maine to pray for our religious and consecrated.mosaic2ae2cd3f3ca7c0575023cdba844d8c2c77af6d21
The children of MARCH are praying for over 60  people who are priests, religious sisters, brothers, deacons, and those discerning their vocation. These photos are examples of how to make the gift of prayers into a more tangible present, an asset for youngsters and also for the recipients of said prayers! This project was a wonderful way to bring our children into a closer relationship with the religious of their community.

….And Through Works


One of the MARCH moms had the idea to gift our friends at the Mount Saint Joseph Nursing Home with cozy blankets.  Our Christmas offerings quickly turned into a Christmas party! MARCHers brought their vocal and musical talent together with Christmas carols, passed around goodies, distributed the  blankets, and loved up our senior friends. A few special gifts were given. Our youngest little MARCHer enchanted the residents by cozying up with them, and giving generous hugs.

Earlier in the fall, we referred to the residents of Mount St. Joseph as “the residents”. Now we call them “our friends”.


We also made a visit to the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter to spread some cheer. Stay tuned; that visit will be reviewed in our next post.  Lisas name


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