~ Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers

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  1. Thank you so much — my daughter and I tremendously enjoyed speaking with him at our brief interlude at the airport — just forgot to exchange business cards as we were called to board — a long shot I know but would be so great to connect again — PS: also remembered that he was an alum of LSU from probably about 25-30 years ago, didn’t mention were his wife went to college — thanks again for your efforts

  2. fatherdaddy

    Hi, I’m a fellow homeschooling parent, met a similar dad last week after workshop in Stanford/Palo Alto — he and his wife homeschool five kids (4 girls, 1 boy, around 8 to 17 ages), Catholic, live in Maine, used to live in Houston, mom might be in urgent care, maybe work with refugees in Maine — dad my daughter and I met the dad at SFO, neglected to give my business card — sound like anyone you may know? long shot I know — I’m not asking for anyone’s contact info but if they sound familiar please ask them if they would contact us — either here or email us at grandprairie@gmail.com — many thanks!

    • Hello, Just noticed this email. I will send out to our families. I hope someone recognizes them. Peace, Michelle

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