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Camp Blossom

LF bannerFor pictures of our first Little Flowers meeting back on April 9, 2014 see the Snapshots of Spring post.

Since April we met a few times during our MARCH meetings, gathering new members each time.

Camp Blossom session 1 014

Camp Blossom session 1 013Camp Blossom session 1 012

Our meetings always started with prayer, a short saint biography and a coloring page of the saint we were discussing. Next we would make notebooking pages for the saint and virtue of the month and do a small project.  For example, when we were discussing the virtue of mercy, we discussed ways to show mercy to our family, friends and other people we meet.  The girls also came up with a list of ideas of things that they could do to practice love and mercy on a daily basis.  The girls always cherished this time together.
Camp Blossom session 1 094 Camp Blossom session 1 043October 2 and 3 045October 2 and 3 049

We found it challenging to hold our Little Flowers meeting during our actual MARCH time, so we tabled the rest of the meetings until summer time.  Our plan for the summer was to host a summer camp, Camp Blossom, to finish up the first wreath.  Lots of work went into getting the camp ready and everyone helped out.  All the moms brought in so much wonderful food that no one left hungry.  Mrs. Durant had her work cut out for her as she guided the girls in learning all the virtue memory verses that were set to music. By the end of the day, the girls performed all the verses beautifully.  Mrs. Hanley and Mrs. Habib kept things moving in the craft area.  They had A LOT to do and they did it all with grace and poise.  Thanks everyone for making Camp Blossom such a special time for all the girls. It was so much fun!

Camp Blossom session 1 011
Camp Blossom session 1 010 Camp Blossom session 1 009

Camp Blossom session 1 021Camp Blossom session 1 061Camp Blossom session 1 087Camp Blossom session 1 088Camp Blossom session 1 095Camp Blossom session 1 097Camp Blossom session 1 099

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