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Graduation Day June 5, 2014

MARCH Graduation 023

Graduation across the country is such a special time of year for all students and their families.  Homeschoolers are no different.  Our families enjoy looking back on the accomplishments of the year and promoting our children to the next grade level as well.  Unlike a traditional graduation where the Valadictorian speaks to the class and the Head of School hands out the diplomas, every family is involved in speaking and passing out diplomas.

MARCH Graduation 004MARCH Graduation 010

Our graduation was held on Thursday morning June 5, 2014.  We attended mass with our friends from St. Joseph’s. Monsignor Robert Lavoie celebrated the Holy Mass and spoke with the children about the importance of the day and the importance of doing God’s will. Deacon Steve Kramar, who knew us very well by now, made special remarks to the parents and the children about never giving up.  That morning our very own Abigail Smith was asked to read the readings of the day.  Thank you Abigail for doing such an outstanding job.  Several young ladies formed a graduation day quartet and performed a variety musical selections that they chose and rehearsed.  It was just beautiful.

MARCH Graduation 017 MARCH Graduation 014

Student Speeches were next.  One child, usually the oldest, but not always, from each family delivers a speech highlighting the year’s events.  I was so impressed with the younger ones taking to the podium and expressing themselves so well.  We certainly have some future leaders in this crowd.  Next, moms sprung up to extol all their children’s virtues, successes, mishaps and any other funny stories they would like to share about how their children grew spiritually, physically and academically over the year.  They talked about ways in which their children struggled and conquered their most difficult subjects, how they were given more responsibilities around the house, how they cared for their neighbors, or how they helped a sibling.  This was such a special part of the ceremony for both the moms and the children.  No matter how you slice it, it was a day filled with much emotion.  Let’s just say, children were blushing and moms were crying.   When the moms had said all they could say, well actually some could have said more,  each mother had the special privilege of giving their children their diplomas and promoting them to the next grade.MARCH Graduation 018

MARCH Graduation 020

Once the ceremony was over we enjoyed the fruits of our labor with good food, good friends, and good memories.

 Congratulations to all our children for being faithful and diligent throughout the year.

MARCH Graduation 025 MARCH Graduation 026 MARCH Graduation 027 MARCH Graduation 028 MARCH Graduation 049MARCH Graduation 044

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