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March Sept 2014 014-001 March Sept 2014 018Scroll back, if you will, gentle reader, to some of our previous group photos. Contrast with the ones posted here, and you will notice that our numbers are growing!! This is the third academic year for MARCH. At the start, we were four families. In 2013-14, we were thrilled to have four more families join us. At our first gathering this year on September 4, 2014,  we welcomed three additional families. An open-armed welcome to families of Armelle, Johneen and Jennifer!

 March Sept 2014 002It was so nice to reconnect after our summer vacation! It was heart-warming to see all the ‘missed-you’ hugs and the ‘nice-to-meet-you’ bright expressions!    The nine new children may have been a bit shy, but we hope the 35 other children will continue to welcome them into the fold!   At the informal moms’ meeting, we collected contact information, finished a little bookkeeping, and carried on a myriad of small conversations about homeschooling issues, gardening and raising chickens. The room was a-buzz, and the camaraderie was almost palpable!

March Sept 2014 029 Meanwhile, the children had ample space to play and get to know one another.  The older boys played outside while the younger boys made a beeline to the LEGO room, where the number of LEGOs was estimated at just under one jillion.   A special thank you to the Hanley family for sharing all of their LEGOs with the group.March Sept 2014 003 March Sept 2014 008


Most of the girls gathered in the larger room to play everything from chess, to Bananagrams, to Connect Four and Spy Alley.  The  chattiness and laughter told us that those girls were getting along just fine!  .

We decided on our first service project of the year, one of our favorite charities, The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter.  We will be making ‘Blessing Bags’ again this year,  filled with a variety of self-care/hygiene items that will help those in need.

One of the favorite books of many of our members is Searching For and Maintaining Peace by Fr. Jacques Philippe.  A copy of this small but highly-recommended book was given to our new members.

Our 2-hour gathering ended much too soon, it seemed!   It is our hope and prayer that all MARCH members drove home feeling a little more supported, and a little less isolated!

Can’t wait for our next meeting.  See you Thursday!

March Sept 2014 005March Sept 2014 006

March Sept 2014 004

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  1. Katie Elizabeth

    That was fun!!

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