~ Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers

Saints Alive!

Each year we celebrate the glory of the saints in heaven on All Saints Day.all saints photo The church teaches that everyone in heaven is a saint, although we have many days assigned to specific canonized saints, All Saints Day is a day to celebrate EVERY saint in heaven.  Celebrating All Saints Day versus the secular day of Halloween helps to keep the faith alive for our children.  Any time you can take a secular custom and transform it to show the beauty of our faith you are helping your children grow closer to God.  Just think, our children are happy because they know that for everyone in heaven there is no more pain and suffering only complete happiness.


Our Saints came from all around the world. Several girls came as St. Elizabeth of Hungry. (I think we had 5)

All Saints 003

We began with prayer and the children marched in costume singing, When the Saints Come Marching In, as they set out to their first station.  The teens and moms led small groups of ‘saints’ from station to station.

All Saints 026 All Saints 028

We had stations which included: Memory of Saints, Saint Bingo, St. Peter’s Fish Pond, a Works of Mercy station, Saint Cecilia’s Musical Chairs, Daniel’s Pin the Tail on the Lion, a craft table and coloring area too.

saints day mikes camera 054 saints day mikes camera 040 saints day mikes camera 039 saints day mikes camera 030All Saints 014All Saints 013

What is a feast day without a FEAST?  There was plenty of food for everyone.


All Saints 035 All Saints 034All Saints 023All Saints 016

This year we combined our Harvest Fest Gathering with our All Saints Day Party.  Which means we added more fall favorites like pumpkin carving!

All Saints 022All Saints 019 All Saints 018 All Saints 017saints day mikes camera 056Amidst all the fun, moms still found the time to relax and connect with one another and enjoy the day with their families and friends.

All Saints 033All Saints 031All Saints 011All Saints 012May the blessings of the saints be with you today and always.michelle heart signature 2


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