~ Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers

Cold Weather Warm Hearts

November was cold and cloudy, but that didn’t dampen our spirits.  I think we were all still recovering from the Saint’s Day party and welcomed a less structured meeting.  We set up one room as the Lego Room and another as a game room.  When the rain subsided, the children found themselves outside playing soccer and using a few hula hoops we found in the storage closet.  Mrs. Gray worked with several of the children to make fall cupcakes.  The children enjoyed being in the kitchen so much that it made me think about adding a homemaking class to our schedule. (Sorry I don’t have pictures of the cupcakes-they were so cute and DELICIOUS!)

Advent Gathering 024Advent Gathering 025Advent Gathering 026Advent Gathering 029Advent Gathering 030Advent Gathering 031Advent Gathering 032Advent Gathering 033If you looked in on the adults, you’d notice we have a new family joining us!  They relocated to Maine for the year. Welcome!  The mommy meeting focused on academics, what was and what wasn’t working.  New moms had lots of questions on reading and spelling.  Veteran moms offered up lots of suggestions for spelling and phonics programs and offered to share materials.

Our service project for the month was gathering food for the local food bank.  All the moms brought in food to bring to the local food pantry and the children decorated bags and even included special notes to those receiving these goods.  Overall it was a successful and productive meeting.  The moms enjoyed the fellowship and the kids had a great time with their service project, games and Legos.  michelle heart signature 2

Advent Gathering 014Advent Gathering 017Advent Gathering 015 Advent Gathering 016 Advent Gathering 034 Advent Gathering 035


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