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A Little Housekeeping

Our Lady of the BroomThis post will be a little different as we have some housekeeping to take care of before our next meeting on October 8, 2015

Those who attended the apple picking day on September 24th also met informally at Celeste’s home for a small meeting.

In attendance were Celeste, Christina, Mary Ann, Sue and Lisa (Betty had to leave early). With no formal agenda, several topics came up.

Here is a synopsis of the conversation.

Please Read and Pray!  

What would you like to see our group do?  What do you and your family need from the group?  What benefits are you and your family currently receiving from the group? In what ways can you contribute to the group?

New Ideas

Smaller cluster groups?

One mom suggested, since MARCH is spreading out geographically, that we arrange cluster groups based in various locations. What are your thoughts on this? The attending moms on Apple-Picking day seemed to agree that this may well happen naturally, and there may not be a need to do so formally. Indeed, driving in Maine’s winter weather may play a role in ‘clustering’. Many of the moms queried truly enjoyed having the “big meetings”.

Adoration for moms of young’uns?

Is that even a thing? Is it even possible?…. Christina B will be asking her local priest for cooperation in arranging a time for Eucharistic Adoration, separate from our regular MARCH meetings. Note that this is only a germ of an idea at this point!  Adoration would take place at St. Agnes Church in Pittsfield. Plans entail having child care available in a separate room so that mothers wishing to spend time alone with Our Lord might do so without distraction. Would you be interested?


Since our group has been growing, we need to share contact information. Please send all contact information to Lisa’ s personal email so she can add to or update what we already have.  We just need the basics: Names of all members of the families including ALL your children and husbands, address and phone numbers for home and cell, and everyone’s birthdates for future ideas.  Also, the homeschooling program you are currently using would be great information to share with the group, as your knowledge in that program may help others who are considering the same.


fr mitch pacwaFather Mitch Pacwa will be speaking at the parish retreat at St. Paul the Apostle Parish October 24. Here is a link with more info. http://www.stpaulbangor.me/parish-retreat-with-fr-mitch-pacwa. Doesn’t this sound like a road trip to you? Think about child care and let’s consider a carpool!
2015 Catholic Men’s Conference with speaker Peter Kreeft. Some of our husbands may have been interested in attending, but I just got off the phone with the diocese who told me the event has been cancelled. Apparently Mr. Kreeft had to cancel, and so the diocese cancelled the entire event. Sad!

Leadership & Running Meetings

Most of us agree that having a single leader of any group made up of over-busy moms is a recipe for Leader Burn-out! Just ask Michelle B; she’s still recovering -haha!  Even if she can avoid burn-out, it may allow the rest of the members to become complacent. Since last spring, Christie, Mary Ann, and Lisa have been acting as “core leaders’ and heading up the planning. We would like to propose a kind of ‘shared leadership’, or turn-taking, among the entire group. There are plenty of active members (though we know that some families cannot make it to every gathering) to be able to have a vibrant group! meeting leadership

One way of achieving a more balanced responsibility would be for a couple of moms to be responsible for ONE meeting during the year. The core leaders mentioned above would still be available, for guidance or advice. The meeting co-planned by you could be very informal, such as a gathering prayer, food, and social time. Or you might be very ambitious and plan out activities for different age groups, or even spread out a ‘teaching unit’ into two meetings. You might know of a terrific venue for a field trip, and arrange that for all interested. If you have the space and means, you might host a gathering in your own home with potluck snack foods. Perhaps you even have a friend or acquaintance who could give an inspiring talk. There are so many options! Hopefully having two moms working together will ease any anxiety you have. Then your ONE meeting will be a fulfilling and fun 3-hour gig!

You will soon see a sign-up form in circulation! Thank you so much for your able assistance, you wonderful women.

Lisas name


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  1. Good idea, that could work

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