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‘A’ Is For Apple

The Unlucky Apple MARCH Apples Nicky Hiltz (2)

‘Twas the apple that in Eden
Caused our father’s primal fall;
And the Trojan War, remember —
‘Twas an apple caused it all.
So for weeks I’ve hesitated,
You can guess the reason why,
For I want to tell my darling
She’s the apple of my eye.

-Paul Lawrence Dunbar

letter On a glorious day in late September, 6 moms, 29 children, and about 12 buckets of apples met in Dixmont, Maine at Maine-ly Apples. As I scanned our small horde, I was warmed to observe lanky teenage boys galumphing with apple buckets, adolescent girls practicing maturity while being helpful, “tween” girls munching Macouns, their heads bent in conversation, preschoolers peering up into thick foliage for fruit, and mamas doggedly pushing their strollers up gentle hillsides. I’m sure I was not the only mom to feel ‘lucky’ that afternoon. MARCH Apples Some Smiths (2)
After a short stop in the gift shop, and a romp with the hay bales, most of us headed ‘down the road a piece’ to Celeste’s home. Kids took full advantage of unstructured time and the beautiful weather outdoors, while the moms did the same inside, near the refreshments set out by our hostess. MARCH Apples Patrick, Dom

MARCH (29)MARCH (4)MARCH (6)MARCH Apples Lizzie,CatMARCH (20)

On the same day, two other families of MARCH met in Lemieux’s Orchard in Vassalboro for a smaller version of the same. september 2015 038september 2015 041september 2015 054september 2015 058september 2015 063september 2015 076

Michelle B and Michelle T got their families together and enjoyed a less boisterous afternoon.  They enjoyed the orchard, a hayride, a trip through the corn maze and a tour of the packing facility.  Lemieux’s Orchard is a supplier of apples to Hannaford Supermarkets. september 2015 068september 2015 070september 2015 072september 2015 075

After their time at the orchard they went to Michelle T.’s home to meet another family and enjoy some homemade applesauce.  The mothers gathered on the deck to enjoy some pleasant conversation while the children played together in the yard. september 2015 089september 2015 101september 2015 092september 2015 099

Lisas namemichelle heart signature 2


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