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Our Apostolate

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Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers  (MARCH) as the name indicates, is a lay apostolate. What exactly is a lay apostolate?

From websites Wikipedia and Catholic Exchange:
The lay apostolate is made up of laypeople and consecrated religious who exercise a ministry in cooperation with the Catholic Church. These organizations cooperate with ecclesiastical authorities. They operate “under direction of her pastors” but are not members of the official Church hierarchy nor in Holy Orders. Apostolates operate with the permission of the local Ordinary of the diocese, but often without material support… Lay apostolates comes in two broad varieties — individual and group. A group apostolate might involve something like running a pregnancy counseling program or operating a values-oriented private school… A key part of lay apostolate is that it happens in a secular environment, not in church. Vatican Council II’s Constitution on the Church spoke of it as a “special vocation” — making faith “present and fruitful” in those places where that can only be done by the laity.

Members, doesn’t that make you feel important?

MARCH has become, for many of us, a valued support system. We began small, but now there is truly strength in our numbers. And we find that it is a symbiotic relationship; we can be both givers and takers in this association. More than a coffee klatch, we offer spiritual and emotional support, and encourage perseverance in our vocations of wife, mother and teacher. In times of more profound need, support might even involve child care, or a casserole or two.  Catholic homeschooling is not for the weak of heart. MARCH on Pope Francis join the March

MARCH currently has two gathering times each month, on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, at least September through May. At present, we are set up to use the St John (Winslow) Faith Formation building once per month. We may be able to use St. John’s the second Thursday also. We have met during the summer as well. Our meeting time slot is ~1pm – 4pm.  Group members also attend First Friday Masses and benediction on their own or in small groups.


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