~ Maine Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers



MARCH is a support group with the purpose of encouraging parents in their role as teachers and primary educators of their children while remaining faithful to the Magisteruim and all the Truths of the Catholic Church.  To Learn More see our About Page

The web is FULL of information on “how to homeschool” and it can be overwhelming and time consuming for new parents to get started.  The Homeschooling Resource Page was developed  to assist our members and anyone who may be interested in homeschooling by collecting relevant on-line information about Catholic homeschooling and placing it here on this blog.

About Our Crest

This Catholic Homeschooling Crest was designed by Christine, a veteran Catholic homeschooling mother of four and graphic designer.  She had long intended to design a heraldic school crest that homeschoolers could wear with pride. After much thought and prayer her design speaks for itself.  Unlike her other creations, Christine said, “the idea for this one just seemed to flow through me, and the design came together without my having to work and rework the concept.  I think it is like that with Truth, just as light flows forth from a flame.  It is really His design, after all.  I just tried to do it justice.”  Christine has allowed us to use her design, as she would love to make her design available to all Catholic homeschoolers to “promote awareness and understanding of our choice of education as a valid, beautiful and holy one.”
Translated:  The Latin phrase translates as “We are the primary educators of our children”, a doctrine Pope John Paul II called parents to embrace.  The Sacred Heart sits atop the Sword of Truth which rests upon the Keys of St. Peter and points to the book (double meaning for The Bible and a textbook).  The globe indicates homeschooling is an extension of the fundamental right all earthly parents possess as bestowed by God:  the right to train up our own children.  The circle signifies God’s eternal love and the Eucharist.  Red and white are for the Body and Blood of Christ.  Blue is for Mary’s mantle covering the world, her constant intercession.

THANK YOU CHRISTINE for sharing your gift with us. 

Please support Catholic Homeschooling by purchasing a few of these items for your family and friends.  What a great way to glorify Him and encourage other Catholic families to school their children at home.  Check out this crest design on lots of apparel and gift products at Christine’s on-line store



  1. kay

    I would lime to join MARCH and am excited to see your group exists…
    Could you please let me know what to do in order to join?


    • Hi Kay, We would love to have you. I will have one of the leaders for this year get back to you with more details. Thanks, Michelle

  2. Erin Coughlin

    Hi there! I am looking for other Catholic families to get to know who are homeschooling too! I live in Bath which is a ways but we are in need of some more opportunities for Catholic friends and learning 🙂

  3. We have a May Crowning ceremony this morning at St. Bridget’s Church in Vassalboro. You can google the location. It begins a 9am if you would like to join us. Just come as you are. 😉

  4. KelLee

    I just heard about you from Mary Ann while at the Branches dinner in Augusta. We are new to the area and seeking other Catholic homeschooling families to do activities with and just to socialize. Is there a page or way to ensure that I could be connected with all active families. I was hoping that there is a way to post an outing and others might reply to join it. Thanks, KelLee from Palermo (1/2 hour from Waterville)

    • Hello KelLee, I responded to you already via email. A couple of our families are close by in China, WELCOME!

      • KelLee

        It must have dropped into my spam and I didn’t get it. Sorry. I cannot wait to meet people, especially for my daughters. I live next to a family with boys my boys ages. We meet them at church years ago and ended up moving next to them. So excited.

        • KelLee

          Could you e-mail me privately again? I have searched all files and cannot find your email. Thanks.

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